After many leaks, teasers, and spy shots, DJI have announced Inspire; it's new multirotor camera platform.

Inspire is a quad-rotor platform with a very clever transforming design that keeps the camera up high when in it's landing configuration and then lowers it once in the air. This removes the need for heavy retracts while allowing the camera to have a full 360 degree field of view without props or landing legs in the shots.

This new product appears to mark a melding of DJI's professional and consumer grade products and brings together many technologies pioneered on earlier drone. The video link is based on Lightbridge and the motors appear to be the powerful 4114 items as seen on the S800, S900 and S1000.

The camera is DJI's own design and can shoot 4k video at 24/30fps as well as taking 12MP stills. It's attached to a 360 degree 3-axis, brushless gimbal. The design is modular and according to DJI can be replaced with a different item in the future.

DJI have also added downward-facing, stereoscopic cameras and sonar. This enables the airframe to track the ground in a similar way to how an optical mouse works as well as measure altitude with preceision. The upshot of this is that the craft can maintain altitude and position without a full GPS lock. This is extremely important as it means that Inspire can be flown indoors.

According to DJI, the power unit is 6S which makes sense if the motors are what we think they are.

We've pre-ordered one from our friends at and will give you our thoughts once it arrives. No ETA for shipments as yet but expect demand to be extremely high.

Video of the Inspire in action:

Now this looks pretty cool.

I can see this being adopted by professional aerial phtographers in order to protect their gear. At the end of the day, many of us have up to £10k in the air which can turn to scrap in event of a power failure.

It looks like a CO2 deployment though so it will be interesting to see how much replacement cannisters cost and indeed, how much the unit itself costs.


Watch this space

So, after months and months and months of waiting, DJI have finally released the long awaited groundstation functionality for the VIsion and Vision+

Grab it from the usual place.

I just got word that DJI have released the Version 2 firmware for the Phantom 2 that brings the long awaited support for the iPad ground station.

As always, update via the assistant software which you can download from here

What’s new?

Main Controller Firmware
•Supported of iPad Ground Station and PC Ground Station functions. When using iPad Ground Station, the BTU firmware should be upgrade to V1.0.1.3 or above.
•Added Flight Limits functions, including Max Height and Max Radius limits.
•Added LED indicators warning, if non-DJI smart battery is detected, the LED flight indicators will be sulid red.
•Optimized compass calibration algorithm to increasing its resistance to interferences.
•Improved battery level detecting methods to make low battery level warning more precise.
•The maximum descending speed is limited to 3m/s.
•Fixed the bouncing problems after landed.

Central Board Firmware
•Supported of iPad Ground Station and PC Ground Station functions.
•Supported of H3-3D.

Assistant Software
•Added Flight Limits page in Phantom working mode. 

User Manual
•Added connections when using Ground Station functions.
•Added descriptions of flight limits.

•Upgrade the main contruller and central board firmware to the latest version using PHANTOM 2 Assistant Software V2.00 otherwise there will be malfunction caused by version mismatch.


DJI have finally added a 3rd axis to the Zenmuse for the GoPro. Details here:

Whether this will require an upgraded board to work with the Phantom 2 is unclear at this point. It does come with a different GCU so I'm thinking that an upgrade board requirement is likely.

The 3rd axis doesn't appear to support heading lock or free mode like the larger Z15 gimbals though. It appears to only be for removing jitters in the yaw axis rather than the ability to have the gimbal track a position.

More details as we get them

[edit] The latest firmware for the Phantom 2 supports the H3-3D according to the release notes. This is good news as it means that no board upgrade will be required.

A new multicopter for our hanger.

A DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal, additional FPV camera, iOSD mini, FPV video downlink and a FrSky X8R receiver for use with our FrSky Taranis transmitter.

Looking forward to getting this in the air.

We just need the rather shocking weather here in the UK to sort itself out.