At CES,DJI have just announced a new Zenmuse gimbal for the GoPro Hero 4 Black. No information on whether it will support the Silver version as well but it seems unlikely seeing as they differ in weight and would upset the balance. We don't know whether this will require a new GCU or not, but it seems unlikely as the gimbal functions should be identical to the H3-3D.

People have been re-balancing the H3-3D and H3-2D for use with the Hero 4 by adding counterweights up until now.

No information of pricing or availability at this point.

Today, DJI have announced an updated GPS puck for the A2 flight controller.

A2 GPS PRO PLUS Upgrades

1) Hardware
A new generation chipset is used to improve anti-interference, satellite acquisition and positioning accuracy.
Improved filtering to minimize interferences.
Optimized receiving chain to gather better data and increase sensitivity.

2) Software 
The app assistant software (version: 1.1.22) and iPad ground station (version: 1.4.62) now have a new “SNR Health Index” and “SNR Fluctuation Index” screen that monitors GPS signals. By referring to these two values, users can find the best places to takeoff and fly their aircraft. (SNR Wiki)
‘SNR Health Index’ reflects the GPS signal strength captured by the GPS receiver. A larger number indicates a stronger GPS signal received. We highly recommend you only takeoff when the SNR Health is greater than 35. (SNR Health Wiki)
‘SNR Fluctuation Index’ reflects the overall stability of the current GPS signal. A smaller number indicates the signals have less fluctuation, which means a more stable GPS signal captured. (SNR Fluctuation Wiki)
These values change in real time with aircraft maneuvers and changes in environmental interference.

This video (posted by Blade Strike over at rcgroups) shows the new single-operator pan and tilt feature of the Inspire 1 app. All we can say is "wow". He also posted to say that DJI have now added adjustable expo for the sticks and the ability to switch between pan and tilt functions for the jog-wheel on the back of the transmitter.

It seems to us that DJI are really listening to their customers with the Inspire 1. Never have I seen them add so many requested features in such a short time frame. If it flies as well as some of the videos indicate, DJI will have completely knocked it out of the park with this one. I can see our Inspire 1 getting a lot of use, and possibly being a replacement for both our Phantom 2 and S800 EVO.

Looking forward to receiving our unit to test.

Looks perfect to be honest. There's space for 5 batteries, two transmitters, the battery charger, and even an iPad by the looks of things.

People who have pre-ordered from DJI have received the following email:

Dear DJI Inspire 1 Customers,

We know everyone is excited to receive your new DJI Inspire 1 and would like to share the following information with you:

• The Inspire 1 will start shipping at the end of December. Shipments will be prioritized with those who ordered first receiving their units first.

• A convenient carrying case will now be included with all orders, no matter you ordered from DJI or DJI official dealers. This case has been customized to fit your Inspire 1. (photos attached)

• The final stages of testing have proven all of the Inspire 1’s features perform well in a wide variety of environments.

We appreciate your patience and support!

Thank you, DJI

And here are pictures of the case. Looks pretty sturdy.


This is an interesting development and a good move by DJI. A carry case has got to be worth around £150 to £200 and so will be a good incentive. I'm not sure that case makers will be too pleased though.


A question was raised whether this was only for people who pre-ordered. A user over at rcgroups asked a DJI rep directly and the reply was:

"A convenient carry case will now be included with all orders, no matter you ordered from DJI or DJI official dealers"

More news on this as we get it

Absolutely bonkers quad running 2,000kV motors on 6S. That's over 40,000RPM on the motors.

A YouTube commenter observed "It sounds like a bunch of teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert". We don't disagree.